Rapid renewal and anti-ageing face wash


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Our Rapid Renewal and Anti-Aging face wash aree recommended for softer and more glowing skin while beginning to fight the appearance of wrinkles. Rich in natural ingredients, which will help in the exfoliation of dead skin cells.
Combined with tea tree oil and natural organics extract. Leaving the skin feeling smoother, clearer and less oily.
• pore reducing
• minimize spot appearance
• Noticeable smooth skin and helps to improve skin dullness
• promotes natural Renewal of the skin, to give a younger-looking skin
Removes remaining traces of make-up and impurities.
Soap base, goat milk, collagen, glycerin, green tea, hyaluronic acid, titanium dioxide, aloe vera, sandalwood, Kojic acid, fragrance, preservative.
How to use
• Splash your face with a bit of lukewarm water
•Gently rub our face wash onto damp skin, in a circular motion
•Rinse your face thoroughly
• for best results, follow up with our Rapid Renewal and Anti-Aging face soap and face serum.


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