Rapid renewal and anti-aging face soap


Rapid renewal and anti-aging face soap
Bring instant natural looks of any skin type, from the start of its usage. The product eliminates ageing looks, clears wrinkles and opens any closed pores,while you look
younger , as a result of the natural components that made up of the soap. You feel the
difference from first use of our product because it’s a good food,for dead cells to become active
cells again. The soap is,anti product for the following: dead cells, acne, freckles, dark spots,
breakout, wrinkles, and keep the skin healthy.
In addition,skin natural complexion shins, smoothes and looks beautifully made because of the
natural ingredients. However,the product is,rich in vitamins but free from preservatives and
fragrances that could cause irritation and or known inches.
Suitable for all skin types
Ingredients :
Vitamins B
Vitamins E
Plant Extracts
Lighten ingredients
How to use:
Use daily, by morning and night and apply gently and leave on skin between 3 to 4 minutes then
rinse with warm or cold water.
Follow with Rapid Renewal serum and any choice of face cream
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