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Hand and feet purifying cream and oil


Hand and feet purifying cream and oil concentrating on dryness, helping to fade discolouration of knuckles, elbows, knees, and feet for a clearer and more even complexion.
Brightens and clear discolouration,  while removing dead skin cells and uneven skin tone,  for a more uniform, flawless complexion.


Apply the Hand and feet purifying oil on the affected desired area, leave for 5 to 10 minutes then re-apply

Apply the Hand and feet Purifying cream after the oil has absorbed.

Use as needed throughout the day and night.

Best results when used with our Pure Brightness Scrub and exfoliating the affected areas 3 times a week.


Cetyl alcohol, emulsifier, Stearic acid, water, turmeric, Allantoin, glycerin, AHA, Giga white, plant extracts, fragrance, preservative.

Turmeric, sunflower oil, Kojic acid, SepiWhite, plant extracts, aha, tocopherol.

Suitable for all skin types


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