Shea Butter 100g


100% AUTHENTIC UNREFINED Shea Butter Body Hair Beauty

Unrefined, Organic, Pure and Natural

Shea butter is a solid oil, made from sheanut which grows on the shea tree in Africa.
Shea butter are solid but its get soft at room temperature, shea butter can easily be melted by rubbing it on your hands.
Organic unrefined shea butter don’t have any chemical extractions or refining processes. As this is raw shea butter it’s mean that none of the vitamins or natural properties of shea butter have been taken or destroyed.

Shea butter are used in soap, lotions, hair treatments, skin treatments, body butters, lip balms, and anything you can think of.

Shea butter has Zero comedogenic rating: This means it will not block pores at all

It very good to use to shine and reduce frizz of your hair; it will help to reduce hair breakage and soft the hair.

Shea butter can fade the appearance of stretch marks and help to prevent their development.



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